If one has rice and noodle kugel and cake on the table, can one make birkas mezonos on the rice if one wants to eat the rice 1st and then a few minutes later eat the kugel and cake? Or, do we say that since the rice is less chashuv, one has to make the bracha on the more chashuv food even though he doesn’t want to eat the food at that exact moment?


Halachah does not obligate us to eat something when we do not wish to, and if one does not wish to eat the cake and kugel, it is permitted to make the mezonos on the rice, and have intention that the berachah should apply even to the more important foods. However, even when somebody wishes to eat the rice first, it would usually not be a discomfort to take a small piece (or even crumb) of cake and to make a berachah on it. After the crumb is eaten, one can proceed to eat the rice first, and then continue to eat the cake.

[This answer does not touch on the question of kevius se’udah, which can be an issue when the suggested foods are combined under a single birkas mezonos.]

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