Dear rabbi,
I would like to know if a non kosher wine has been put in a kiddush glass of silver, can it be kashered later on, so it could be used for a kosher wine? If so, in which way should it be kashered.

lots of blessing.


Because the wine was cold, and assuming it was not left in the cup for more than 24 (consecutive) hours, the silver cup does not require kashering, and it is sufficient to wash it thoroughly. If non-kosher wine was present in the cup for more that 24 hours, then the cup can be kashered by filling it with wather for a 24 hour period, spilling out the water, and repeating the process another two times.

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2 Responses to “Kashering a Kiddush Cup”

  1. does the same apply to a silver decanter

    • Yes, the same principles will apply.

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