Should I wear the techeiles available nowadays?


There is no obligation to wear the techeiles available today. Although there is much controversy over the issue of techeiles, the great majority of contemporary authorities have not accepted the research as conclusive, and do not obligate wearing the techeiles. Most rabbis and most people thus don’t wear the modern techeiles.

However, some recommend that the techeiles is worn, because one only stands to gain (there is certainly no prohibition involved).

We will bli neder dedicate an article in the future to elucidating the issues involved in techeiles, and the research that has been done on the subject.

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4 Responses to “Techeiles in Tzitzis”

  1. I would be grateful if you would email me once your work on Tcheles is published, as I don’t always manage to read your online Tshu’vot. I have been wearing Tcheles Tzizit for the last 5 years, following the advice of my own Rav, who also wears them. However when asked if I could wear them with a linen garment (the killer question ) he said NO. Thanks

  2. Have you published anything yet?

    • Not yet – it requires some analysis.

  3. For anyone who is seriously analyzing this topic, it would be strongly suggested to see the material available at

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