When giving the eruv food to the community for the eruv chatzeirot, I am under the impression that we give it to everyone in the community plus everyone who will come to the community in the future. Wouldn’t it just be easier just to give it to all Jews? Either way on some weeks not everyone who owns the food will be in the eruv boundaries. Is this an option? Why or why not?


The idea of the Eruv is that all the residents of a particular town/area should be considered as living in one place/domain. This is achived by their sharing a meal of food (the bread or matzos), which is jointly owned by all the residents. If the bread would be transferred to the ownership of all (Jews) of the world, it would clearly be fictional and even ridiculous, for we clearly cannot state that all the Jews in the world live in the same place. Therefore, the enactment was specifically to transfer the bread to the residents of the town, who are included together by the Eruv.

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