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Challah Baked with Meat

24 Tishrei 5772
The Question:

If one cooks chicken or meat in an oven and at the same time is baking challa in the oven, would eating that challa make one fleishik or is it just bechezkas fleishik? would it make a difference if the chicken is covered or uncovered?


If the chicken or meat has sauce, and therefore gives off steam (which is absorbed by the challah), the challah will be actually meaty, and one would have to wait after eating it before eating milky foods.

However, for dry items, which do not give off steam, one would not have to wait, and the challah is not actually meaty, though the challah must not be eaten with milk.

Although poskim mention that it is difficult to determine which items are actually dry, and do not release steam (see Iggros Moshe, Yoreh De’ah 1:40, 1:59), for the purpose of waiting after eating the challah one can assume that a dry, without sauce, does not render the challah meaty.

If the meaty dish is covered, and steam from it does not reach the challah, there is also no need to wait after eating the challah.

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