There is something that is right now muktzeh and assur b’tiltul. In a number of hours though it will become on it’s own a graf shel re’i. Is there any heter to move it now since l’maseh it will become a graf shel re’i and will then be mutar b’tiltul?


Because right now, this is not a graf shel re’i, there does not appear to be a heter to move it now.

Chazal permit moving a graf shel re’i — see Chazon Ish 48:10 who explains that a graf shel re’i becomes a keli she-melachto heiter (though others possibly dispute this, and give a different definition) — because of the disturbance it causes to the people in its vicinity, and if it is not disturbing at the moment, there would not be a heter to move it.

A possible proof to this is the halachah of not making a graf shel re’i lechatchilah, where it seems clear that until the graf shel re’i is fully extant, there will not be permission to move it.

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One Response to “Future Graf shel Re’i”

  1. I later found these mareh makomos…

    See here teshuva from R’ Shlomo Zalman (brought in this article in Kovitz Beis Aharon V’Yisrael) who is makil
    (Goes through tzadidim lhachmir with many re’as however lhakil. R’ Eliyashuv is brought at the end who is machmir.)

    See Sdei Chemed (starting towards the end of sif-katan 34) here that brings the Pri Chadash and Bach that is makil however argues on them

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