Theoretically, if a pair of shorts is mostly open on both sides (so that it has four clearly defined corners), is it possible to attach tzitziot to such a garment and thereby fulfill the mitzvah? Or, asked otherwise, is there any particular requirement that the beged we use to attach the tzitziot to is a vest / t-shirt? (I know that there is a requirement that we get some ‘enjoyment’ or ‘use’ from the beged in question, but I assume this would not be a problem for shorts which also offer heat / protection, etc).


A pair of shorts will generally not have a shiur for a begged of tzitzis.

If anything, a long “skirt” worn from the waist down, with two big slits in it, might have a shiur, and would be obligated in tzitzis.

I am yet to see such a garmet…

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