Someone left a bag on our door with a bib inside. I’m assuming they found it and assumed it’s ours, but it’s not. I don’t know who left it there. What do we do with the bag?


The bib was probably found around your door, so that perhaps the best thing to do is to leave it on the door, and hope that the person who lost it — perhaps a neighbor from the building — will take it back.

Although it is not generally permitted to put others’ things in the public domain, for a bib the chances of somebody ‘stealing’ it are slim to negligible, so that it will be fine to do this.

Beyond this, if nobody takes the bib after a few days, you can put up a note outside your door about a bib that was lost. If nobody takes it, use the bib for yourself, but note it in an ‘aveidah notebook’ for the future, as the Iggros Moshe advises.

Please see here for a similar question.

Best wishes.

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