If one has a sukkah where the schach will stay up in a ruach mezuyah without anything tying it down, and then one uses rope to tie down the schach so that in case of a ruach sheeyna mezuya, the schach won’t blow away, does the rope need to from material that is kosher to be used as schach or are there no special requirements that the rope needs to satisfy.


The Mishnah Berurah writes that one should not use a regular rope to tie down the sechach, because of the halachah of a ma’amid.

However, this halachah applies only to rope that is required to hold down the sechach in the face of a ruach metzuyah. Where the sechach will stay put in any case, and the rope is only required for a ruach she-eino metzuyah, there is no problem in using the rope (it is not considered a ma’amid).

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