Schalom Rabbi

I will be on a business trip in India during Chanuka and I cannot light the candles in the hotel room and most probably also not in the lobby. Can one of my sons living at home be “joizer” for me when he light the candles?


In general, making an envoy to light candles at home only helps for somebody who is actually living at home. If somebody is not home at the time of candle lighting, he can make an envoy who will light for him.

Because you will be living away for the duration of Chanukah, your obligation is to light where you are — in India. You should therefore make every effort to light in the lobby, or wherever it is possible to do so.

If it is not possible at all to light candles, you should use an electric torch, though should be avoided if at all possible (please see here for details).

Best wishes.

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