I’ve always been very careful not to take loans…
After approx 8 months of working for a Jewish employer, he realized that he’s overpaid me approx $2,000.

Is there any Tzad to Pattur me from repaying as it is very difficult for me to pay it back now since it’s accumulated so much, and I think he should’ve been more responsible.


If the mistake is clear, and you agree that you are not owed the money, it is incumbent on you to return the mistake, even though you received the money inadvertently.

I understand that this is not convenient for you, being careful not to take loans, but after receiving money that you didn’t deserve to receive, you will have to pay it back.

However, you won’t have to give back the money immediately (because you were unaware of receiving the money, no ‘conditions’ of repayment apply), and you can arrange for the repayment according to your means.

I would recommend reaching an agreement with your employer whereby he will deduct a fixed amount from your monthly salary in order to pay back the debt over the course of the coming months.

Best wishes.


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