The Gemorah in Shabbos Daf 67a gives a segulah for someone who has a bone stuck in their throat on how to get it out. The Gemorah says to bring another bone of the same type, put it on their head and recite a sort of “chant” then seemingly the bone will fall out of place.

The question was raised if this segulah may be performed on Shabbos. Let’s say it’s a fish bone that is stuck in the persons throat. May they take a fish bone (either from a plate or from the trash) and use it for the segulah. Seemingly the fish bone is muktzeh (not like bones from meat or chicken that may be given to the dogs are not muktzeh See OC Siman 308 Sif 27) however perhaps one could find a heter to pick up and move the fish bone for this perhaps? Is there any such heter in regards to “tlltul muktzeh” for such a purpose?


I don’t think there is any special heter to pick up the bone, unless one ensures that some flesh remains on the bone.

I imagine the presence of some flesh doesn’t ruin the segulah.

If there are no bones with flesh remaining, it will be permitted to perform the segulah in cases of danger.

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