Good evening,
i hope to get your opinion on this case!

A friend throws a party at her place (A).
She gives a boy (B) a bottle of this very special drink (the only bottle she has).
Later she decides that her and a few other people want to have a private party so they lure the guests onto the balcony. The boy passes the bottle around. Someone (C) puts the bottle on the balcony’s edge.
Then a girl (D) gets pushed by B. The bottle falls and destroys the windshield of a car.

Who has to pay/ whose fault is it?

thanks in advance anna


Goodness, what a complicated story.

In any case, the gird (D) is not at fault, because she was pushed by (B), and he is at fault for pushing her.

Although the boy (B) might have been wrong to place the bottle in a place form which it can fall, the general rule is that a person is always responsible for his actions, and since (B) is at fault for pushing the girl (D), he is responsible for the damage caused.

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