What should one do, if one isn’t sure (due to inadvertence/mistakes in storing it) whether pesachdike dishes/cutlery are milchig or fleishig? Is there something like a ‘jud-beis choidesh’ concept to rely on? – Gutn moed!


Under the circumstances the best advice is to perform hag’alah – immersing in boiling water – and this will help for using the utensil anew.

It is true that the Chacham Zvi (75) and later authorities (Maharsham 2:141 and others) write that after a year the beliyos are no longer considered present, this is not relied on for using the utensils lechatchilah, but only on a bedieved level.

Best wishes.

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2 Responses to “Utensils After Twelve Months”

  1. Why not to answer in plain english.
    I am sure that majority of people asking this kind of question (like myself) are not familiar with all the Hebrew words and concepts.
    I do not understand your answer.

    • Apologies. The Hebrew in the answer was intended to match the Hebrew in the question.
      The answer states that hag’alah, meaning immersion in boiling water, should be performed.
      The twelve-month issue does exist, but it is not relied upon on an ex-ante level, and only on an ex-post level, where the utensil was already used or under extenuating circumstances.
      Best wishes.

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