An online training course, being purchased by my employer, is a 40 hour course and the online accessibility for the purchased training lasts only 6 months. The website does sell extra access time for additional fees. I am not sure if this is because of privacy rights or for increased revenue to purchaser’s “overwhelmed-ness” that the purchaser didn’t finish in the allowed time.

There are quizzes and tests along the way and a final exam. My employer is asking that I take this course a few hours a day in order to be quickly up to speed.

My question is:

Can I print off material from the website for a personal reference material notebook?


There is no problem to print from the site for personal reference.

Even according to copyright law, printing for personal and future reference is generally permitted, and therefore there doesn’t appear to be a reason not to make use of it.

This comes in addition to the general question of whether halachah respects all forms of copyright legislation.

Best wishes.

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