I hired a lawyer in Israel for the purpose of purchasing an apt, he drew up a contract that consisted of a few parts besides the actual sale there were building rights in the process of becoming legal and that was a part of the contract, now even though the sale went through and the apt was transferred to my name the other parts of the contract have yet to be fulfilled I payed the lawyer most of the money owed him, the lawyer says he is entitled to full payment for his services even though his job is not done yet but I feel that he should not get the nentire sum until the job is finished, who is right?


If there is a part of his job that remains to be completed, it follows that you don’t have to pay the full sum, because you are paying for the entire job and not for part of it.

However, the general rules of payment follow the custom, and there might be a custom to the contrary that you have to follow.

I recommend posing the question to the Guild of Lawyers, and seeing how they reply. You certainly don’t have to pay the full fee until it is proven that this is a clear and binding custom.

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