I get up between 4 and 5 in the morning to learn before davvening. Davening is at 6:30 and on Shabbat it is at 8:30,but I still get up between 4 and 5. When I get dressed should I say the beracha “al mitzvah Tzitzit” on my tallit katan since I won’t be saying the beracha for the big tallit until much later? Or should I still wait to say the beracha for the big tallit and let that cover the tallit katan even though it may be 2-3 hours from when I put on the tallit katan until I put on the tallit gadol? Please send sources. Thank you.


You should not recite the berachah, but should rely on the berachah you make on the Tallis later.

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See Mishnah Berurah 8:24 which mentions that the custom is that even if there is a long wait between the tallis katan and gadol, no berachah is made (he notes the reason as being that on occasion the tallis katan is not worthy of a berachah, and that therefore it is customary to make the berachah specifically on the tallis gadol).

In the case of the question, the tallis can be worn a little earlier, and the berachah made before the beginning of davening.


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