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Customs of the Shloshim

30 Kislev 5774
The Question:

What are the minhagim of the day of the shloshim? Is there an inyan of doing something davka on that day? If the shloshim is on Friday and we do a seuda motzie shabbat does that matter?

About counting which day the shloshim comes out on, do you count 30 days after the day niftar or including that day?


The principle customs of the Shloshim are to go to the grave with a minyan (the relevant chapters of Tehillim are recited, and the tombstone is often dedicated on this day), and to make a siyum for the Mishnayos that were studied on behalf of the deceased.

Some have the custom of making a seudah, which is known as a “seudas hazkara,” at which Torah is spoken.

If it is inconvenient to have it on Friday, it can be done after Shabbos.

The day of passing is included in the count of the Shloshim.

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