Hi, how did Moshe carry Yosef’s bones and and talk to Hashem? Wouldn’t he be tamei?
You just had a response about singing classical music for your child. I listen myself; but I did come across a Seder Chasidim that writes that it is better not to.


The Gemara proves from the carrying of Yosef’s bones that somebody who is tamei is permitted to enter into the Levite camp.

Thus, it appears that Moshe was indeed tamei, and that this did not impede his ability to communicate with Hashem.

However, according to the opinion that Moshe was actually a Kohen, a number of explanations are given for why it was permitted for him to carry the bones, and why (according to some) he did not become tamei at all. Please see here where a number of different suggestions are summarized.

Concerning the Sefer Chassidim, I do not recall this being cited by Poskim.

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