I found a ring on the side of the road in Israel in a pile of dirt and garbage by a bus stop… what do i do? it is bent out of shape… it could have been there for a while…


If the ring is expensive so that there is no way that somebody would throw away such a ring, for instance a diamond ring, and if the ring has identifying signs, then you should make an effort to return it to its owner.

This can be done by putting up a sign on the bus stop, giving your phone number.

However, if the ring is simple and inexpensive, and especially if after being bent out of shape it won’t be able to serve its owner, you can assume that it has been discarded and don’t need to do anything.

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  1. Hi, I lost wedding and engagement rings two years ago- wondering of this might be it. was the ring you found simple band or white god diamond?

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