A brother 15 years old is home with two sisters 16 and 17 years old, can he call over his friend to sleep with him for the night,


This is not permitted. [Even if it would be permitted, it would not be recommended.]

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According to the Rema, two men and one woman are sufficient for yichud during the day.

For two men and two women, some write that it is permitted even according to the Beis Yosef — see Bach, Even Ha-Ezer 22; Chelkas Mechokek 22:6; Taz 22:3, Chikrei Lev 19; Otzar Ha-Poskim 22:27:2. Others dispute this (see Aruch Ha-Shulchan 22:9, Pischei Teshuvah 22:5; Igros Moshe Even Ha-Ezer Vol. 4:65:15).

However, this apparently helps specifically for yichud during the day (like the case of two men with one woman, which helps specifically for the day alone), and not for yichud at night.

The other issue is the matter of the brother acting as a shomer. Although a brother can be an effective shomer, this is true for the day, and not for the night, where two shomrim are required (with some exceptions).

Therefore, one cannot be lenient for this.

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2 Responses to “Yichud: Brothers + Friend with Sisters”

  1. what is different then a mother and daughter and son that the same web site from one of the rabinum paskened its fine what is this different see the following i copied

    יחוד אח ואם ואחות עם גבר זר

    י’ חשון ה’תשע”
    רבני בית ההוראה
    בנושא הלכות יחוד:
    בחור בן 15 שהוריו התגרשו והוא גר עם אמו ועם אחותו בת ה 20.
    האם יכול להזמין חבר לישון אצלו ?
    (ז”א שיישנו בבית הוא והחבר בחדר אחד ואימו ואחותו בחדרים נפרדים)
    האם זה יחוד כי בלילה צריך שני שומרים?


    אם האמא נמצאת בבית, אין צורך בשומר אחר ומותר לחבר לישון יחד עם חברו.


    עי’ פ”ת אבן העזר סי’ כב סק”א, ועיי”ש באוצה”פ סעיף א’ וס”ג, ובדברי סופרים (סעיף ג ס”ק לט)

    • A mother is different to a brother. The reason for this is that a son is an effective shomer for his mother even at night. Because there is no concern for the mother, the mother acts as an effective shomer for her daughter. This will not apply to sisters. See Dvar Halachah 8:7, and see the sources quoted in the Hebrew reply.
      Best wishes again.

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