Is it permissible for an uncle (over bar mitzvah) to babysit his 2 nieces and nephew at night? Details: girl 1-age 8, girl 2-age 6, boy-age 4. They all go to sleep (or are already in bed/sleeping) except for the oldest girl, who stays up for awhile until she goes to sleep. No one else is home. In an apartment building.
Thank you very much!


A boy over the age of 13 may not babysit for a girl aged 8 unless there are shomrim or other factors which serve to permit Yichud (see Even Ha-Ezer 22:1, 11).

A girl age six is considered a shomer, but at night two shomrim are required, and a boy aged four will not generally be considered a shomer (he is not old enough to be aware of improper conduct and report on to others).

Therefore, additional arrangements should be made. The best arrangement is that a key should be given to a neighbor, and it should be agreed that he can drop in at any time. This will be sufficient to permit the situation.

Please see our shiurim on the subject of yichud for more details (here and here).

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