If you are a guest at a shabbos table and you are given a cup of wine, are you required to drink it or can you pass it to the person next to you because of manners.



Pass it to the person next to you.

If this is the correct thing to do because of manner and etiquette, this will not be considered a case of Ein Maavirin al Ha-Mitzvos. The “mitzvah cup” is not considered “intended for you” because of the etiquette principles, and therefore there’s no problem.

In addition, drinking the wine is not a full mitzvah, because this is not a full part of the Kiddush, so that there’s no problem in any case.

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  1. Rav Ephrayim Greenblatt (1:191:2) thought it was a problem but does quote a Heter that you mentioned. It would be ok when the Baal HaBayis intends you to pass it on

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