Can one ask a goy to turn on their oven on 2nd day Yom Tov that is an Erev Shabbos to be able to cook for Shabbos. Can we say its a shevus deshvus bemakom mitzva and allow it lechatchila? What are the sources?


The answer to this question depends on whether the prohibition of melachah on Yom Tov Sheini is considered a shevus, or whether it is more lenient.

According to the Noda Biyhuda (Orach Chaim 44) it seems that it is not considered a shevus, but rather more stringent.

However, the Minchas Yitzchak (7:34) based on Peri Megadim (Eshel Avraham 496:1) assumes that it is considered a shevus for purposes of telling a non-Jew to perform a melachah, and one can be lenient based on this ruling where there is a need for this.

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