1)when asking mechila from a deceased person not by the grave but with a minyan,what if i am unsure if i need forgiveness?should i still say chatasi lashemetc., or should i just ask mechila?2)if i walked with tzitzis out in a bais hakevoros,do i need mechila?3)and since i dont know where exactly i walked,can i just ask mechila from whoever i wronged?


1. You can say the regular nusach.

2. No, there is no need for mechila. The concept of lo’eg lerash is not “personal,” but is rather a general concept of disrespect for the deceased. There is no need for personal mechila.

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2 Responses to “Mechila from the Deceased”

  1. thank you.in general,can i ask mechilah from all deceased peoeple that i may have wronged,or is it meacev to say the name?

    • If you know who you are referring to, yet don’t recall the name, you can ask mechilah without the name. The custom for asking mechila is to go to the grave, where the name is written of course.

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