Someone washed for Hamotzi, and when he took a small bite of the bread (less than k’zayit), he noticed that the bread was spoiled, and the whole loaf was spoiled. Additionally, there was no other bread around to fulfill the k’zayit.

Two scenarios:

1- If there was enough mezonot, can he rely on eating that in substitute of the bread?

2 – What if the only thing around were fruit and / or shehakol items? What should he do?

For both scenarios – Does he have to wash again? Are there any additional brachot rishonot to be made? What bracha achrona should be said?

Thanks for your time.


Because the bread that he meant to eat was unfit for consumption, it follows that the hamotzi berahcah he made is levatalah, and new berachos must be recited (unless he has another slice of bread that he intended to eat and was before him).

This is If he can find new bread, he should make a new hamotzi. If mezonos, he can make a mezonos for a small amount, or eat a large amount (to his fill) and make hamotzi.

He doesn’t need to wash again. Even if he doesn’t eat bread or make another hamotzi, some write that the netilas yadayim is not levatalah.

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See Shulchan Aruch, Orach Chaim 206:6; Biur Halacha loc. cit.; Kitzur Shulchan Aruch 50.

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