Hi, do you think that G-d prefers for a man to be married only to one woman or to a few?


G-d wants people to function at their highest potential level as human beings. “Chaim Birtzono” – Hashem desires life, and the more we bring out our potential, the more we live.

Whereas in the past this was perhaps possible with a man taking several wives, today this is not generally the case.

The circumstances of polygamy causes multiple problems: Jealousy and competition among spouses, tension among children, and pressure (financial and emotional) on the husband.

Therefore, it can be assumed that today, G-d would prefer a singe wife for each man.

This is the position of normative halacha, which for Ashkenazim has demanded monogamy since 1,000 years ago (after the enactment made by Rabbeinu Gershom). Recently this practice was adopted almost universally by Sefardim too.

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