Do you have to wash your fingers for Birkat Hamazon if you eat by yourself?


The halachah of mayim acharonim, washing hands before Birkat HaMazon, does not depend on having a Mezuman (eating in a group).

Those who are particular for this halachah when eating with a group must do so even when eating alone (some are not particular for this, based on the ruling of the Rema, since today we do not have the Melach Sedomis (a type of salt) mentioned by Chazal).

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2 Responses to “Mayim Acharonim Alone”

  1. Do you do mayim achronim before saying anything for Birkat Hamazon? or after saying “by the rivers of Babylon…”

    • Both are fine. Some are careful to do mayim acaharonim after al naharos bavel.

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