Reuven was given 800 shekels to pay for shimons arnona (reuven was taking over shimons apartment mid year and the 800 was assuming a 80% discount) when Reuven went to the irya he was unable to get the discount and only payed his half. now the irya wants shimon to pay 4000 shekel for his part of the year. must shimon pay? he assumed that he would get hanacha and now lives in usa must reuven pay the full amount that the irya is charging? if he had informed shimon sooner he may have gotten the discount.
Does it make a difference if shimon expected reuven to lie on his paperwork?
If shimon comes in from america he may still get the discount does that make a difference?


The responsibility to pay for Shimon’s arnona for the time he was in the dira is on Shimon. He is entitled to pursue a discount any way he sees fit, from Israel or abroad. Even if Reuven was negligent in not receiving the discount, ultimately this would not obligate him to pay for Shimon’s increased bill. That is certainly the case here where he did not receive the discount because of being honest.

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