Can someone buy new clothes or shoes during the 3 weeks for clothes that one does not normally make a shechiyanu on? Like leather shoes, or shirts, or pants.Not a suit, ect.Please elaborate.


During the 3 weeks clothing which one does not recite a Shehechiyanu on, may be purchased and worn.

However from Rosh Chodesh Av and on even wothout Shehecheyanu new clothes should not be purchased, even if not to be worn until after Tisha Bav.


See Kaf Hachaim O:C 551:88 who permits buying clothes during the 3 weeks. Since we don’t generally make a Shehechayanu on the purchase there is no concern. It would follow that if one doesn’t make a bracha on the wearing also, he would be permitted to wear as well.

During the nine days however when one must limit joyous activity, one should refrain from all clothing purchase. See Rama O:C 551:7.

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