kavod harav,

1. If one eats chicken or meat, is he allowed to eat a pareve food cut with a dairy knife afterwards? The pareve food is not a dvar charif.

2. Is one obligated to wear shoes while davening? While saying a bracha? Is there a difference between socks and shoes?

3. Does a woman need to say birkat hagomel after giving birth through a c-section? if so, would she be able to wait for her husband to go on a trip, and to say the bracha when he returns, having her in mind?

4. Is there room for leninecy (for a Sephardic woman who acts according to Maran Ovadia Yosef ztz”l’s psak to wash dishes on Shabbat when her kitchen is so full of dirty dishes that she has no room to do anything in the kitchen (like make a salad in a permissable manner)?

If the Rav could please provide sources. Much thanks to the Rabbanim who provide us with answers on this site.


  1. Yes, he may eat the parve food.  Sefer Davar Charif pg 11 in the name of Rav Elyashiv. cf. Pri Megadim O:C 494:6 Eshel Avraham

2. One should not daven barefoot, and ideally wear shoes as well. see Shulchan Aruch O:C 91:5 that one should be clothed as he would in front of people. Brachos maybe said without foot covering.

3. The widespread although not universal custom is to make birchas hagomel after birth, this would apply to a c-section as well. Generally one should ideally say the bracha within a few days after healing from the birth [after 7 days]. However, if it is difficult to obtain a minyan or for other reasons, the husband may make the bracha and have her in mind.        Mishna Brura 219:3

4. Washing dishes in this scenario is necessary for Shabbat itself and not an act of preparation for the weekday, which is permitted. If some of the dishes could be put aside [in the oven etc.] washing should be limited.

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