Is wearing
A red string on shabbos hotzo,o


No, this has become an accepted form of dress/jewelry that many do for style or other reasons, and would have the same status as any bracelet.

4 Responses to “Wearing Red String on Shabbos”

  1. Rav Belsky forbids it. Men do not wear jewelry in halacha.

    • Men certainly wear jewelery in halacha, see shulchan aruch 301:9 and the mishna brura there.

  2. Please look in Halachically Speaking Volume 2, where Rav Belsky zatzal explicitly forbids going out with this red string.

    • with regards to wearing a red string, see:
      חסדי דוד על התוספתא שבת פ”ח ה”ד
      רבבות אפרים ח:נא:ג
      באר משה ח:לו:ג
      שו”ת חיי הלוי ד:נה:ה
      with regards to wearing segulos outside eruv, see:
      שלחן ערוך סימן שא סעיף כה ומ”ב שם ס”ק פז
      in addition it seems many wear this today as a style and type of adornment, as mentioned in the original response

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