Hi Rabbi – I have 24 day cycles and I ovulate around day 10 and I bleed for 7 days so I don’t know what to do about mikveh? Please help. Thanks so much Answer: This is a common issue and usually very easily treatable, you should see your OB/GYN who could prescribe medication that will push off the ovulation. She/He may also help determine the cause of your short cycle, which is irregular.

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  1. My obgyn is religious and said she dosnt think its right to give me something a pill to mess around with my cycle when I’m trying to conceive and I agree… She dosnt want to pump pills in my when its unnecessary when my cycle is considered in the normal range

    • Your cycle may be borderline normal in medical terms, but being that you bleed for 7 days and b”h keep taharas hamishpacha, using pills to regulate your ovulation and cycle is likely your only option to make pregnancy possible, and so this would in fact be necessary in your case. This usually requires very little intervention, a few pills to regulate hormone levels, this is a very common condition and the standard procedure to treat it.

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