For a woman who does not daven Maariv, what is the obligation regarding saying Shema twice a day. If she says Shema at Shacharis and Shema Al haMita does that mean she has fulfilled her obligation?

Also, regarding Shema al haMita, I read that one should be fully dressed… but then preparing for bed takes some time.. Should I not say Hamapil? Also I read in bed before I fall asleep. Should I say Hamapil at all?


Women have no obligation to say Krias Shema twice daily, as this is a time bound positive commandment from which women are exempt. If she wishes to fulfill this mitzva, shema in the morning and then again by bedtime fulfills this mitzva.

A person needs to be covered, but pajamas are sufficient as long as they properly cover the body.

Shema and Hamapil should be said after your bedtime reading, when you are ready to go to sleep.

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2 Responses to “Women’s Obligation to Say Shema”

  1. I say the complete bedtime shema. Can I say it without hamapil and say the only Shema & Hamapil right before I am ready to sleep?

    • yes

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