Does one only need to check his house for his own chametz, but not for his spouse’s chametz? The reason being that one only needs to check for chametz that he owns, but chametz of children even under 13 still belongs to them?
If one does not need to check for chametz of his wife and kids, do the wife and kids have to check for there chometz in the house even though the house doesn”t belong to them?
Thank You so much.


It is the responsibility of the father to check the entire house for his chametz. It is likely that the owns all the chametz, even what his children keep for themselves, as they are dependant on him. If in fact the wife or children exclusively own chametz, they would also be responsible for bedika as they have rooms which they were given rights to use. In any even they may appointed as agents to assist him in the bedika.



Shulchan Aruch Harav 432:8. Chovas Hadar [Bloi, pg 141]


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