If I’m leaving town for all of Pesach on Thursday before bedikat chametz, when do l check and burn my chametz.
I’m going to a time zone further ahead that my usual place of residence as well and I’m pretty sure of the halacha for selling it; make sure the sale goes thru in my temporary residence before Chag starts there so l don’t technically own any chametz on Pesach. But if you could clarify that that is correct…
Thank you in advance for your help.


Yes, make sure that when the time the chametz prohibition starts [not the chag itself] where you are located, your chametz has been destroyed or sold. If you are leaving your home empty, presumably you arranged to lease your entire house to a non Jew to exempt you from bedikas chametz there. If this will leave you without bedikas chametz [you will miss the bedika in your residence for Pesach], you could leave over a room or other area in your house and perform bedika the night before you leave [without a bracha].

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