We live in Israel. There’s an organization in the floor below us that uses our electricity. They have a meter connected to our meter and they pay their part of the bill to us in shekels by sending us a shekel transfer to my Israeli bank account. I use my US credit card to pay the electricity bill. The amount gets added to my credit card bill in US dollars relative to the exchange rate that day. My question is -is there a problem of ribbis here? Seeing as I just pay the bill when I get it and they send us the shekel transfer a few days later, there could be a fluctuation in the dollar/shekel rate


I do not believe that this is a question of Ribis. The organization is paying in shekels for the amount of electricity they are using, which is a fixed shekel fee per KW. By you paying the total bill with your US credit card, has no relevance to the organizations debt.





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