I’m 60 years old, live alone, and never have owed my own home. I’m trying to save money to buy a modest one bedroom coop because rents are raising in Brooklyn and I’m getting older. Would this situation be considered needy enough to use some of my own maaser money for a down payment?

I haven’t started separating maaser, but I would like to, b’li neder, yet I’d also like to finally own my own apartment. I’m struggling with the maaser delaying my ability to purchase something so late in life.


You should use some of the maaser money to make a down payment but keep a record of how much money was used. If some day your financial situation improves you can repay the money borrowed from masser.


O:CH Ramo 251:3, Eliyohu Rabah 156:2, Teshuvos Igros Moshe Y:D 2:end of 113, Teshuvos Shevet Halevi 5:139.

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