In your teshuva titled: “Kissing Oso Makom”, you mentioned: “Oso makon” includes the entire area, and not to any specific part; I have not seen any poskim making a distinction in this regard.”
However, The Noda B’Yehuda (אה”ע תנינא סי’ כ”ג ד”ה ואמנם בין לדעת הט”ז) clarifies what is halachically defines as “oso makom” in regards to biyah, would his distinction apply to this halacha of kissing oso makom as well? (Nafka mina would be the clitorus etc.) Or do we say that here it’s not talui on a shem biyah but rather baal t’shaktzu, as the Raavad and Shulchan Aruch (O”C 240) write?


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I do not know to which teshuvah you are referring to. I can’t recall ever writing such a teshuvah?



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