Dear Rabbi,

My parents pay me monthly a certain amount of money for my pension (they pay it on my account and I transfer it to the pension company per standing order) I can access this amount only after I am 55 years or older. Do I need to pay maaser for this?

Many thanks.

Kol tuv.
Kessiva vachassimo tovo.



If I understand you question correctly, you wrote that your parents “pay” you money for your pension. If this money is earned, or even if it is a present from your parent, ma’aser should be given. You can either give it now, which is preferred, or you can give it later when the money becomes accessible. If you give the ma’aser now, then later you would only need to give ma’aser on the interest that the money earned.

Have A gmar chasima tova



Rabeinu Yonah Sefer Hayirah, Mateh Moshe Gmilas Chasadim part 2 chap 8.

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