A number of month ago my wife had a very bad fall in one of our local Mikvaosh, it has left her with very severe back pains & continuous problems with functioning normaly due to pain.
She has been seeing both chiropractors and physiotherapists almost weekly over the last 4 month and as a result the medical bills are building up to a level where it is very difficult for us to carry on with treatments.

We do believe that the Mikvoh is unsafe due to lack of nonslip tiles & railing on the steps going into the mikvoh.

Is it possible for us the claim for our damages directly from the Mikvohs Public Liability Insurance or does that constitute Arkaos? or should the matter be deal with by a Beis Din in a formal Din Torah.



If they have insurance there is no reason not to claim . At worst they’ll bother the mikva to be more safe-a good thing

Refuo shleimo

Answer from Horav Y. Fleishman

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