I have 2 ovens, my fleishig one is bigger and better accommodates baking pans, and is only used for Friday Shabbos cooking and yom tov. I keep it very clean. I usually bake challah on Thursdays. Can I bake my challot in the fleishig oven (which on a Thursday will not have been used for nearly a week) and then eat the loaves with both meat and dairy meals? Thank you.


I am assuming that the challot are not put directly on the fleishig baking pans, and that you use disposable pans or at least silver foil underneath the challot. Therefore since the oven is clean and there isn’t any residue of meat on the walls, and any absorbed taste is aiyno en yomo, it is permitted


Pischei Halacha pg 227 in the name of R’ M. Feinstein zt”l, Zerah Shemuel basar b’chalav ftnt. 200, Sharei Habayis 3

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