M”B brings from Pri Megadim that one cannot take off his tefillin in front of his rebbi when it’s approaching nightfall, before the rebbi takes off his own tefillin, as it appears that he is “paskening” in front of his rebbi that the time has come when one must remove tefillin.

BUT the halacha is that one who put on tefillin while it was day may continue wearing them into the night, as long as he does not go to sleep. So what is the “psak” that this person is doing in front of his rebbi, and why it is forbidden? Please explain.


Interesting question. The S:A in O:CH 30-2 says that one may not put their teffilin on at night, because he might fall asleep in them. If he was already wearing them he may continue to wear them, however we don’t tell this to people because they may mistakenly put them on at night. Therefore the Mishna Berura (8), say that one may not wear teffilin at night in public. Therefore what he brings in O:CH 38- 36 is understood, that when it gets night they both have to remove their teffilin .

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