Someone in my house bought cut up veggies including onions from a non-kosher store. The person then made food in my milchig pot, and used plates and cutlery. As well, the dishes were then washed in my sink. Are my pots, cutlery and sink now trief?

Thank you



Nowadays most stores are not cutting their vegetables with knives, but with food processors which are used exclusively for vegetables. Therefore we can assume that it was not cut with a trief knife and everything is fine.



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2 Responses to “Onion cut with non-Kosher utensils”

  1. Thank you for your answer. My husband meanwhile asked here.
    I don’t understand what you answered. I specifically described what happened The store is a small one that cuts their own fruit and veggies with their own nin-kosher knives. On the other hand, they serve our Jewish community and I was told today that I can assume the knife was parve.

    Thank you

    • According to what you are now describing it is very differant and might be problematic. However you quote people in the community that know the situation from closer up, so then it seems that you don’t have an issue according to what they say.

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