Does one make a Bracha on croutons that are in a lettuce salad?


This is a good question and the answer isn’t so simple. If there are only a few croutons in there for color, then the beacha on t he salad would stay hoadomo. However in most cases the croutons are there for taste, and we wuld make a mezonos on them. The reason is because if food from the five grains  are added to a mixture they become the ikar, so the bracha is mezonos. The main question here is if we have to make a separate hoadomo on the salad. There are opinions that we should indeed make two brachos, since it is considered like we have to “ikar”s here.

Therefore the preferred thing to do is to take some vegetables and make hoadomo on them, and afterwards to make mezonos on the croutons. (Although mezonos is usually made before hoadomo, in this case we can’t do so because, after the mezonos we can’t make hoadomo, since it might have already been included in the mezonos.) Alternatively, you can take a different vegetable, and say hoadomo on it.

This all applies if the bracha on the croutons is mezonos, however if the bracha on the croutons is hamotzei, then one should say hamotzei. Some suggest that in this case, the croutons should be eaten only during a meal to avoid any issue of making a second bracha on the salad.

As aside point the yellow croutons are always mezonos. Regarding the ones that look like bread, if they are small flavored ones, they are mezonos, but the larger ones may be hamotzei.


Chayei Adam 51-13, 54-9, M:B 212-1, Shar Hatzion ibid 2, Share Habracha 15- 16,17, Ibid pg. 633 regarding croutons in a vegetable salad.

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2 Responses to “Bracha on croutons in a salad”

  1. Would one have to make an Al Hamichya on the croutons?

    • Only if you ate a k’zayis of them with in a four minute period. Otherwise you would only make borie nefashos.

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