The halachic sources discuss if one missed counting one night, one can still count until night fall that day with the next day’s counting with a bracha. What is the extension of this? Could someone count like this for 2 or more days and then resume the next day’s count after night fall with a bracha?


The reason that one may count during the day if he missed the nighttime, is because it is still part of that day’s counting. Therefore although he missed counting the proper way, it would still be considered as if he counted b’dieved, and he may continue counting with a bracha from that night on. This will apply even if the next night he also forgot to count, and only remembered during the next day, since he didn’t miss the whole counting date. However if he missed a whole day, meaning the full 24 hour period, then he totally missed a counting date, and he should continue counting, but without a bracha. Therefore if someone missed two nights of counting (without counting during the daytime), he counts without a bracha from then on.



O:CH 489-7,8, M:B ibid 34

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4 Responses to “Missed 2 Nights Counting Omer”

  1. Just to clarify could someone count in the day b’dieved for 2 or more days never missing a full 24 hour period would that fit with in the halachic sources you have quoted or would in this case mean one could continue with a Braucha?

    • If someone actually did count during the day, then he is still considered to have counted and he can count the next day with a bracha. Even if the same scenario will happen the next day, or for five days consecutively. As long as he didn’t miss a whole “day” (24 hr. period) he can continue counting the next night with a bracha.

  2. I don’t understand the conclusion of the answer.

    The initial part of the answer related to missing the count for a given day altogether, stating that that would result in not being able to continue counting with a bracha.

    But the question related to not missing any count completely, only missing counting at night with a bracha, but each day was counted – could one count on a later night with a bracha?

    As I always understood it (and it also seems apparent from the first part of the answer), the following is that the following is true:
    Counted Sunday night – with bracha.
    Forgot to count Monday night, counted Tuesday day – without bracha (as it’s not the night).
    Could count Tuesday night and on with bracha – but forgot on Tuesday night, and counted Wednesday day, again without a bracha.
    Can count Wednesday night with a bracha (as there has still been no day which was completely missed)

    But the final sentence in the answer states that in this scenario (“if someone missed two might of counting”) then “he counts without a bracha from then on”, as if there’s some similarity between not counting at night (but still counting that day in the daytime) and missing a day’s count altogether. Is this really what was meant? I skimmed the mishna berura on that topic and didn’t notice anything which seemed relevant to missing more than one *night* (specifically) in a row.

    • What you are saying is correct, he can count each day by daytime and he still doesn’t lose the right to count with a bracha from the next night and on.
      The way I understood the question was if he missed that whole day and the next night, and he only remembered durng the second day. Then since he missed a whole 24 hrs. peroid he may no longer count with a bracha.
      I will inserrt this into the answer so it will include both cases.

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