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My mum bought a french macaroon baking set, which includes an icing piping bag and accessories (which will only be used cold) and a silicone baking tray (used in the oven). The item looked new and unused (just in an opened box) as she said she unwrapped the items that had metal ties around them. I do not think the item was used, however, if one wanted to kosher it, just in case, could it be done? And can I rely on the fact that it looked unused or must I buy one from a different store?

The traditional recipes for macaroons do not included milk or fat for the macaroon shell, only sugar, almonds, egg whites and colouring.

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 I don’t understand why you are afraid that it was already used if it looked new and unused? Does your mother occasionally buy used utensils? If there is no reason to assume that it was already used, you don’t have to do anything to it. Regarding the ingredients, the coloring could be problematic, but it wouldn’t matter if we aren’t going to assume that it is used.

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2 Responses to “Unsure if utensil needs koshering”

  1. She would never buy something used, as she keeps kosher herself however, since it wasn’t bought at a regular shop I can’t help but wonder if someone would use it and put it back neatly in the box!

    • There is absolutely no need to suspect something like that, therefore there is no need at all to kasher it.

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