Gemara in baba basra 56 says “achas bgaba viachas bkraisa” and the rashbam and tosfos learn that aidim check to see if the girl is a Gedola. Isn’t this not Tzniyus and embarrassing for a girl.
I saw in shulchan aruch that the bedika was done by women. What’s pshat in rashbam and tosfos?


My apoligise that it took so long to answer you.

It is very caring of you to have such a sensitivity to another person’s embarrassment. First of all it could be done in a way that isn’t embarrassing, such as her being totally covered except for the little part of skin that the hair is growing from. But the truth is that there are numerous times when people do things that are embarrassing because it is important, such as going to a doctor or a nurse. When things are important we overlook the temporary inconvenience, and look at the big picture.

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