Can I put food that was cooked in a dairy pot but is parve in a fleishig microwave.


If you have Sefardi Minahagim it is permitted.

If you have Ashkenazi minhagim, then the halacha is as follows.  If the dairy pot that the food was cooked in was not a ben yomo (it wasn’t used in the last 24 hours) then it is permitted to put it into the fleishig microwave. It is however controversial if you may cook the food in such a pot with the intention to put it into the fleishig microwave.

If the pot was a ben yomo the it may be put into the microwave if it is clean and the food is covered.


Rema Y:D 95-3,  Gra ibid 10, Ben Ish Chai 2 Korach 13, Ohel Yackov Y:D 95 ftnt. 20.

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