I just bought glass shot glasses. Do I need to tovel them?


If they were made in Israel, then we can assume that they were made by Jews, and if the glasses stayed under the ownership of Jews the whole time, (sold to a Jewish storeowner) then they do not need tevilah. Otherwise they would need to be toveled.


Y:D 120-1.

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4 Responses to “Tovel Glasses”

  1. Thank you for the quick response! I bought them in Israel at a store in Jerusalem, but they do not have any identifying marks as to where they were made. Can I assume they were made in Israel, or is it better to assume they weren’t made in Israel and tovel them (maybe without a bracha because of the doubt of who made them)?

    • Good idea.
      Just one point when toveling glasses, they should not be put into the mikvah face down. This is because it will cause an air pocket inside the glass, which will block the water from touching all of the parts of the glass. Rather put it into the water horozontally etc. and then turn the glass upright and wait for all the air bubbles to rise out of the glass, and then you can tovel it.

      • Thank you again! To be clear, are you saying it is a good idea to tovel it without a bracha? Or a good idea to tovel it normally (and therefore with a bracha)?

        • Exactly as you said it, since it is questionable, tovel it without a bracha.

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